Sunday, August 2, 2009

Possible two new top Sangeans: ATS-909X and ATD-909XR

Originally found in Herculodge blog.
Images found in album of  Flickr user Jelyce

ATS-909X not a foto, just a drawing
ATS-909XR is in real photo, taken on the  LV CES 2009:
I does not like design and materials of 909XR. I'm thinking that top radiophile's receiver must be strong, solid and brutal, but not the "iRadio".


  1. Прелесть какая... Жаль, что слушать на SW больше нЕчего. Ну разве только новую передачу "Свободы", направленную на оккупированные чекистами грузинские Абхазию и Южную Осетию...

  2. Служебные работают - авиация, моряки, военные - мне это поинтереснее Свободы.
    Вот, очередная охота на радио Святой Елены на подходе, опять же.

  3. Anonymous30/1/12 02:48

    I`ve got an ATS909x in use and i´m happy with it. Sangean has done a good job. The used materials are in a high quality and the receiver functions are fine. SSB ransmissions come clear in sound, and i could hear a lot of cw signals in Germany. It´s connectable with a pc and decodersoftware works good. Strong signals are also receivable, the gain tuning works acceptable. The display is bright lighted and clear.The tuning wheel works fine and exactly. Only the price - it costs 160 Euros - is higher than the price of other radios. But i think, it´s a good machine to hear transmissions from all over the world. I hope, i will have a lot of fun in the next years with the Sangean ATS- 909x. So, when you need a receiver for shortwaves that´s mobile, try the new Sangean.

    73, hear you...